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Director: Dr. Y. Omidi

Research Center for Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology (RCPN) was established in 2004 by Dr Omidi as part of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz-IRAN. RCPN is currently directed by Dr Rashidi. As a pioneer research center in the field of nanomedicine in Iran, RCPN aims to advance nanobioscience for improving and applying novel nanomedicine to serve National Public Health and achieve international reputation. The foremost mission of RCPN is to build capacity for multidisciplinary investigations in the field of nanomedicine in order to implement novel therapeutics for improving the national and global health.

In national assessments, RCPN has achieved the topest ranks for the scientific achievement among national biomedical research centers since 2005 to present. 

In recent decades, our globe has witnessed many great achievements mostly emerged from the intermarriage between divers scientific disciplines and it is expected that the major scientific and technological breakthroughs occur at the boundaries between different disciplines. To step in this direction, a considerable part of our research has been emphasized on interdisciplinary researches and the laboratories of RCPN are collectively involved in interdisciplinary research in nanobiotechnology that encompasses five major areas in RCNP laboratories: 

  • Nanobased biosensor development

  • Preparation of biocompatible nano fibers as nanostructuered scaffolds for tissue engineering

  • Molecular biology of nonbio materials

  • Pharmaceutical Nanobiotechnology  


RCPN supports BioImpacts (BI). BI is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary international open access journal which covers original research articles, reviews and commentaries in all aspects of molecular, cellular, functional and translational dimensions of biomedical sciences. Click here to go to BioImpacts website.

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